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Large French Pointer

One of France’s oldest breeds, the Large French Pointer is an imposing dog, with a strong, wellmuscled physique. The breed, which originated in the Pyrenean region of France, is a slightly taller dog than the better-known English Pointer, but in general physique they are very similar. A smaller version of the breed, from Gascony, has a more refined appearance.

History of Large French Pointer

It is popularly believed that the Large French Pointer is descended from the old, extinct Southern Hound, and that it is also closely related to the Italian and Spanish Pointers.

There is certainly a hound-like aura attaching to this breed, which lends credence to this belief.


During the latter part of the 19th century the breed declined in popularity, and was in danger of dying out. However, recent efforts among enthusiasts have resulted in a considerable boost in the numbers of these pointers. Although not common, its future does now seem assured, as a new generation of hunters learns to appreciate its working skills.

Other Names of Large French Pointer: Braque Francais de Grande Taille.

Identification keys of Large French Pointer

  • head often held upwards to detect scent when working in open surroundings
  • ticking present on this specimen
  • broad, deep chest
  • convex head has broad, rectangular muzzle
  • fine hair covering on ears and head
  • ears show signs of pleats
  • straight, well-bonedforelegs
  • short dense, thick coat
  • tail traditionally docked
  • well-muscled hindquarters
  • sound rump and strong hindlegs
  • oval-shaped, well-cushionedfeet

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