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Épagneul Francais

Being relatively tall and powerfully built, the epagneul Francais, one of the oldest breeds of French spaniel, shows a distinct relationship to the setters. Its head is square, with a short neck which joins a muscular body of fine proportions. The coat is short and flat with some feathering.

History of Épagneul Francais

The ancestry of this breed is not known. Competition from other gun-dogs once brought it close to extinction, but it is now firmly re-established.


The breed is not well-known outside its native France.

Other Names of Épagneul Francais: French Spaniel.

Identification keys of Épagneul Francais

  • long, flat, feathered ears
  • feathered underparts
  • flat, straight coat with liver markings
  • long, feathered tail
  • strongboned legs

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