Cocker Spaniel

This breed of gundog has a broad nose for scenting, a generous, square muzzle, a pronounced stop, and a precise yet delicate bite ideal for retrieving game. Its long coat is silky in texture but not curly. In solid-coloured dogs, white markings are permissible only on the chest.

History of Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel was originally developed in Wales and southwestern parts of England to flush woodcock, a popular game-bird.


Its long ears hang close to the ground and often harbour ticks and burrs, which can lead to disease and injury.

Other Names of Cocker Spaniel: English Cocker Spaniel

Identification keys of Cocker Spaniel

  • ears set low, level with eyes
  • strong, compact body
  • long, silky hair on ears
  • flat, silky coat with feathering
  • tail set low and may be moderately docked
  • medium-length, muscular neck merging into sloping shoulders
  • stifles well-bent
  •  straight, well-boned legs
  • thickly padded feet

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