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Braque St. Germain

This pointer has a predominantly white coat broken by orange areas of variable size. Although slightly leggier than the English Pointer, the elegant Braque St. Germain is a dog of fine proportions.

History of Braque St. Germain

The breed’s ancestry traces back to two English Pointers given to King Charles X of France. When one died, the other was mated with a Braque Francais. The offspring laid the foundations of this breed.


This dog is not favoured for retrieving from water as its coat does not provide sufficient insulation when it is wet.

Other Names of Braque St. Germain: St. Germain Pointer.

Identification keys of Braque St. Germain

  • distinctive golden yellow eyes
  • pinkish-coloured nose
  • ears set at eye level
  • long muzzle
  • well-defined orange patches
  • long, muscular neck
  • tail carried horizontally
  • muscular thighs
  • short, fine, thick coat
  • well-arched toes with solid pads
  • powerful, straight forelegs

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