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Thanksgiving is a day to indulge — in food, in family time, and in fido time. That’s right, this holiday is as much about giving thanks for our furry friends as it is about historical reflection and chowing down on mom’s homemade cooking.

To make sure your beloved dog is appreciated by the rest of your family, friends and guests, PEOPLE Pets invited celeb dog trainer Robert “Dogboy NYC” Haussmann to our studios for a few quick tips and an expert demonstration on proper doggie etiquette this holiday season.

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William Westhoven, @WWesthoven 5:08 p.m. EST November 17, 2016

The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine put up this billboard criticizing what it claims are training programs at Morristown Medical Center that use live dogs for invasive physician training. The hospital denies the accusation.(Photo: William Westhoven/Daily Record)


A Washington-based nonprofit group has erected ads in two NJ Transit train stations and leased a New Jersey Turnpike billboard to accuse Morristown Medical Center of practicing invasive medical-training procedures on live dogs.

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Although it’s hard to know exactly, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) estimates that there are between 70 and 80 million dogs in the United States. That’s a lot of doggy walks, training, feeding, throwing a ball and taking care of our canine animal companions. One business is helping dogs (and their owners) live happier lives in the city.

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There’s a lot we can learn from dogs, from how to improve our sense of smell to how to be empathic.

But the learning curve extends even further to how we approach our children. Dogs and kids, it turns out, are surprisingly similar creatures. “Researchers have shown that dogs hijack our oxytocin loop that is normally reserved for our babies,” says Brian Hare, associate professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University, and CEO of Dognition, a service that assesses dogs’ unique personalities.

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When U.S. Navy veteran Jack Cotter runs alongside his canine charge, Tucker, in championship American Kennel Club agility classes, he forgets about his aches and pains.

It’s a far cry from his former self, who was once slowed down by multiple spine and neck fractures, two hip replacements, a knee replacement due to degenerative arthritis, a heart attack and severe muscle cramps.

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Bless, an American pit bull terrier, is treated to a free grooming session last month at Pampered Pets in Montreal.
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Have you ever seen a dog with dreadlocks, and been tempted to upbraid their owners for cultural appropriation, either of Rastafarianism, Ancient Greek boxing, or that alien species from the Predator franchise? Most dog lovers are accustomed to having or encountering dogs with straight, curly, or fluffy coats, so the look of a dog with thick, braided fur can be startling.

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"I have news for those who are afraid, something you may have heard before. Dog breeds do not determine aggression. In fact, there aren't any existing studies correlating dog breed to aggression. The individual aggressive dogs within these breeds are caused by bad owners, unique neurological problems or other medical issues," writes Jaslyn Fellows.… Read the full post here

There’s a definite feeling in the air at this time of year. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping — and your dog is shedding everywhere. What gives?

If you thought shedding only occurred in the spring, think again. Now that the nights are growing longer and the days colder, some of our dogs are shedding their light summer coats to make way for a warmer, woollier winter coat.

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We bought a license when we adopted our dog, Max, in 2002. We'd taken him in after finding him wandering in the desert and brought him for a checkup and vaccinations. The veterinarian giving him his shots asked us if we wanted to make things legal.


  • Seattle Animal Control Accessing Grocery Purchase Data Looking for Evidence of Unlicensed Pets

    Scott Shackford|11.07.16

  • Brickbat: Pig in a Blanket

    Charles Oliver|7.21.16

  • Open to the Public

    Charles Oliver|10.09.15


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