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7 Dog Breeds that Behave Like Cats –

Most people will agree that cats and dogs are a breed apart, but there are certain dog breeds that behave more like cats than dogs. As noted in Pet360 and the American Kennel Club (AKC), these breeds are independent, quieter and content to sit and observe. If you’re torn between getting a cat or dog, you might consider adopting one of the following breeds:

1. Basenji. Noted for their acute hunting skills and African ancestry, Basenjis are elegant, medium-sized dogs that don’t bark (they yodel when excited); and like cats, they are fastidious in their habits and grooming. They have short coats and are very independent, even aloof, due to their history of working out of sight of their owners. That said, they can be attentive.

2. Finnish Spitz. Easily recognized by their dense, golden-red coat and foxy face, Finkies areindependent and good-natured dogs that can be trained and taught obedience, agility and dog sports. They have a thick, double coat and, while they enjoy children, they may be cautious with strangers.

3. Afghan Hound. Dignified and aloof, with a long, thick silky coat, these hounds require regular grooming and frequent exercise on a leash or fenced-off area. They are often groomed as show dogs and their coats do require regular grooming. They’re also larger than most cat-like dogs, so they’ll need regular exercise on a leash or in a fenced-off area.

4. Shiba Inu. With a compact frame and a double coat, Shibas are loyal and affectionate to those who have earned their respect, yet they’re independent and reserved toward strangers. They require early obedience training, regular brushing, and exercise.Shibas wereoriginally bred for hunting in the dense undergrowth areas of Japan. They’re the smallest of the Japanese native breeds, according to the AKC.

5. Borzoi. These large, elegant hounds are independent and aloof because many were bred to perform their hunting and retrieval tasks out of sight of their owners. Bred as wolf and fox hunters in Russia, Borzoi’s make ideal house pets and are affectionate with their owners according to the AKC. They will require regular brushing, bathing and outdoor exercise.

6. Japanese Chin. These sensitive,aristocratic dogs are intelligent and playful, and they make a devoted family companion. They may exhibit reserved behavior with new or unfamiliar people and surroundings. While their small size makes them ideal for apartment living, they still require daily walks and outdoor play.

7. Chow Chow. These dogs are often bred for show and make great companions. Their thick double coat will require regular grooming and bathing. And, they will need regular exercise. Devoted and affectionate with their owners, they’re standoffish toward strangers and can be stubborn. Early socialization and training are recommended.


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